Rubber industry products


Techne products

High-quality rubber industry products

Techli Oy Istomin was established in 1984. We are located in Espoo, Finland from where we serve our customers throughout Finland and various European countries.

We deliver high-quality products for various industries, including the rubber, aerospace, automotive, health, safety and composites industry. In addition, we sell raw materials such as silicone rubber. 

We offer our customers ready solutions, manufacturing training and tailored products. Learn more about our products!

We offer

  • Reinforcement fabrics
  • Wrapping tapes
  • Wrapping plastics
  • Silicone rubber and other raw materials
  • Marking products by Transfer Gomma srl
  • Fabric by Baltex Ltd

Products for companies in the rubber industry

The materials that we represent are used in processes or as components for parts. Our products and services include silicone hoses, manufacture of hoses and rubber products, cleaning of nozzles and filter units of plastic production equipment, safety vests, workwear, patient lifting slings, wheelchairs and mattresses.

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